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          Dual-Band Reflectarray with Crossed-Dipole Elements for GSM and LTE complications代喜望AEU - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS2016/01/24
          Lead-acid Battery Automatic Grouping System Based on Graph Cuts曾毓ELECTRIC POWER COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS2016/01/25
          Study on Time Domain Characteristics of Memristive RLC Series Circuits王曉媛CIRCUITS, SYSTEMS, AND SIGNAL PROCESSING2016/02/05
          Wideband Modeling and Characterization of Differential Through-Silicon Vias for 3-D ICs趙文生IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES2016/03/01
          A Half-mode Substrate-Integrated Filter With Tunable Center Frequency and Reconfigurable Bandwidth游彬IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS2016/03/15
          Dual-Band Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna With Monopolar Radiation Pattern代喜望IEEE ANTENNAS AND WIRELESS PROPAGATION LETTERS2016/03/28
          A novel method of analytically extracting model parameters for stacked transformers汪潔INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NUMERICAL MODELLING: ELECTRONIC NETWORKS, DEVICES AND FIELDS2016/04/01
          A robust vision inspection system for detecting surface defects of film capacitors楊宇翔SIGNAL PROCESSING2016/05/01
          High-Frequency Analysis of Cu-Carbon Nanotube Composite Through-Silicon Vias趙文生IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY2016/05/01
          In-plane spin reorientation transition in Co/Py bilayers grown epitaxially on vicinal Cu(001)鄧江峽JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS2016/06/15
          High-frequency modeling of on-chip coupled carbon nanotube interconnects for millimeter-wave applications趙文生IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPONENTS, PACKAGING AND MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY2016/08/06
          Rendering wide impedance band of ESA made of SRRs彭亮電子快報2016/09/15
          Efficient Radiation by Electrically Small Antennas made of Coupled Split-ring Resonators彭亮科學報告2016/09/15
          Flexible film bulk acoustic resonators and filter-like structure made directly on polymer substrates余厲陽INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS2016/10/17
          Memcapacitor model and its application in a chaotic oscillator王光義Chinese Physics B2016/01/30
          Asymmetric dual-gate tunneling FET with improved performance王穎Superlattices and Microstructures2016/02/15
          15158A SP6T RF switch based on IBM SOI CMOS technology程知群Journal of Semiconductors2016/03/01
          Compact Doherty Power Amplifier Design for 2 × 2 Multiple-Input Multiple-Output System陳世昌IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS2016/03/24
          An optical information processing-based idea for visual attention analysis趙巨峰OPTIK2016/04/01
          Symmetry of hexagonal ring and microwave dielectric properties of(Mg1?xLnx)2Al4Si5O18+x(Ln = La, Sm) cordierite-type ceramics宋開新JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMICS SOCIETY2016/04/01
          Focus shaping effect of annular cylindrical vector beam generated by novel polarized convertor逯鑫淼OPTIK2016/04/05
          a mm-wave CMOS LC-VCO with vertically-coiled solenoid inductor高海軍IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS2016/04/08
          The properties of self-formed diffusion barrier layer in Cu(Cr) alloy王穎Vacuum2016/04/15
          Multi-window visual saliency extraction for fusion of visible and infrared images趙巨峰INFRARED PHYSICS & TECHNOLOGY2016/05/01
          Sandwich Double Gate Vertical Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor王穎Superlattices and Microstructures2016/05/15
          4H–SiC Step Trench Gate Power Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor王穎IEEE Electron Device Letters2016/05/15
          A Semi-floating Gate Controlled Camel Diode Radiation Dosimeter王穎IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices2016/05/15
          A valley and spin filter based on gapped graphene王晶JOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONDENSED MATTER2016/05/27
          The Face Recognition Algorithms Base on weighted LTP張海峰JOURNAL OF IMAGE AND GRAPHICS2016/06/01
          Effect of TiO2 and Nb2O5 additives on the magnetic properties of cobalt-modified MnZn ferrites鄭鵬JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS2016/06/01
          Structural and electrical properties of K-doped Sr1.85Ca0.15NaNb5O15 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics鄭鵬CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL2016/06/01
          Electric motorcycle control system based on GPS and CAN technology何志偉JOURNAL OF MACHINE LEARNING AND SIGNAL PROCESSING2016/06/03
          an automatic collection system for textile production based on wifi and can bus何志偉JOURNAL OF MACHINE LEARNING AND SIGNAL PROCESSING2016/06/03
          The Design And Implementation of Intelligent LED Light Based on Mobile APP馬國進JOURNAL OF MACHINE LEARNING AND SIGNAL PROCESSING2016/06/03
          A Bandwidth Enhanced Doherty Power Amplifier With a Compact Output Combiner陳世昌IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS2016/06/05
          A Charge-Plasma Based Transistor with Induced Graded Channel for Enhanced Analog Performance王穎IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices2016/06/15
          Modeling random telegraph signal noise in CMOS image sensor under low light based on binomial distribution張鈺Chinese Physics B2016/07/11
          Improved Performance of Polymer Solar Cells Using PBDTT-F-TT:PC71BM Blend Film as Active Layer臧月APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE2016/07/15
          Extreme multistability in a memristor-based multi-scroll hyper-chaotic system王光義CHAOS2016/07/20
          Focusing properties of Lorentz-Gaussian beam with trigonometric function modulation高秀敏OPTIK2016/07/25
          Battery Grouping with Time Series Clustering Based on Affinity Propagation何志偉ENERGIES2016/07/31
          Sliding mode adaptive control for DC motors using function approximation form陳龍INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODELLING, IDENTIFICATION AND CONTROL2016/08/15
          Broadband circular patch antenna with monopolar radiation pattern for indoor wireless communication代喜望INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES2016/08/18
          Coexisting attractors in a memcapacitor-based chaotic oscillator王光義Nonlinear Dynamics2016/08/25
          Chaos in a Meminductor Based Circuit王光義International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos2016/08/30
          Ba9Y2Si6O24: A new silicate dielectric ceramic for microwave communication application宋開新MATERIALS LETTERS2016/09/01
          A Hybrid 2-D/3-D Multilevel Green"s Function Interpolation Method for Electrically Large Multilayered Problems趙鵬IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION2016/09/01
          Algorithm of View Synthesis Based on DBIR劉圓圓JOURNAL OF MACHINE LEARNING AND SIGNAL PROCESSING2016/09/03
          Ultrathin-body tunnelling FET using a trench structure王穎MICRO & NANO LETTERS2016/09/15
          Anchor Loss Variation in MEMS Wine-Glass Mode Disk Resonators Due to Fluctuating Fabrication Process董林璽IEEE SENSORS JOUNAL2016/09/15
          High performance of junctionless MOSFET with asymmetric gate王穎Superlattices and Microstructures2016/09/15
          Effect of Buffer Layers on the Properties of NiFe/Cu/NiFe Trilayers白茹IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS2016/09/28
          A flux-controlled model of meminductor and its application in chaotic oscillator王光義Chinese Physics B2016/09/28
          radar HRRP recognition based on discriminant deep autoencoders with small training data size潘勉ELECTRONICS LETTERS2016/09/29
          Synthesis of Dense, Fine-Grained YIG Ceramics by Two-Step Sintering周繼軍JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS2016/10/01
          Crystal structure and microwave dielectric properties of CaTiO3 modified Mg2Al4Si5O18 cordierite ceramics宋開新JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS2016/10/01
          The advances of Co3O4 as gas sensing materials: A review徐軍明JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS2016/10/01
          Design of the Remote Monitoring System for Pigsty Environment Parameters Based on the on IoT高惠芳INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING2016/10/08
          Simulation Study of Single-Event Burnout in Power Trench ACCUFETs于成浩IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE2016/10/11
          Low loss and high permittivity composites based on poly(vinylidenefluoride-chlorotrifluoroethylene) and lead lanthanum zirconate titanate汶飛CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL2016/10/19
          A maltose, L-rhamnose sensor based on porous Cu foam and electrochemical amperometric i-t scanning method張曉紅Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization2016/10/24
          Analytical Model and Optimization for Variable Drift Region Width SOI LDMOS Device王穎IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices2016/11/01
          Wideband ring oscillator with switched resistor array for low tuning sensitivity高海軍ANALOG INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING2016/11/01
          Machine Learning Based Single-Frame Super-Resolution Processing for Lensless Blood Cell Counting黃汐威SENSORS2016/11/02
          Novel Doppler approach to monitoring driver drowsiness陳龍ELECTRONICS LETTERS2016/11/24
          Constrained State Estimation via Projection based Optimized Parmeters UKF劉圓圓INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYBRID INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY2016/11/30
          A novel ultra-wideband metamaterial antenna using chessboard-shaped patch羅國清MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY LETTERS2016/12/01
          絡合法制備均勻 γ-Fe2O3 納米顆粒@多層石墨烯復合材料研究徐軍明無機材料學報2016/12/15
          A Novel Memcapacitor Model and Its Application for Generating Chaos王光義Mathematical Problems in Engineering2016/12/28